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Benefits of Brahmi Herbal Tea Mental Problems Active Ingredients Making Herbal Tea
Memory Enhancer
With the growing age and getting elder, people tend to face many problems. One of the most common and prominent things faced by people are loss of memory. Though age is not just the factor which is solely responsible for weakness in the memory, they are many other ways as well. We all love to flaunt our powerful memory, as wise man is richest of all. Since ancient times, people are indulged into medicines which elevates memory. Various practices are adopted to make memory sharp. These methods elevate learning and enhancing memory. These memory techniques sharpen up brain and help it keep active and young. Degradation of memory power is natural process but there are many ways which can prevent it. Nature has cure for all the problems and there is solution for the elevation of memory as well. Herbs and supplements can really be great aid to shelter many power.

What is Brahmi Herbal Tea?
There are many herbs which are available in to take care of memory, and Brahmi Herbal tea is one of them which excellent way to enhance memory and promote mind alertness. This excellent product is quite same as regular tea which prepared like that of tea, tough not actually a tea . The reason is that tea is derived from the Camellia Sinensis bush, but this is not the case with the Brahmi herbal tea. This one is supplement for memory enhancement. The tea basically has tisanes, which is originally a mixture. Dried leaves, seeds, barks, fruits, grasses, nuts, flowers, or other natural elements are integrated which add taste and are also very advantageous for sharpening up the memory.

The thing which worth mentioning is that this natural tea is free from caffeine.

Noted Benefits of Brahmi Herbal Tea
Brahmi, most popular amongst people. Folks across world wide refer it as synonymous for memory booster. This one is referred as memory enhancer vitamins and also take care of brain's activeness. Indian pennywort is the common name for this herbal tea, besides in Latin it is known as Bacopa monnieri. This herb is aided in elevating mental capacity and best remedy to lower mental stress. Brain cell functions can be revamped, Brahmi Herbal tea well recognized antioxidants.

The unique combination of several unique herbs in Brahmi Herbal tea have directly impact on the memory power. All the combination of herbs leave direct impact on the brain and memory. This mental stress relaxant is highly versatile.
  • Herbal Tea helps in attaining calm and relaxed mind
  • Heart’s health is excellently aided using this herbal tea
  • Herbal Tea also enhances the stomach and digestive difficulties
  • Cleansing or detoxification is very well taken care the consumption of this herbal tea.
  • Energy and wellness is sprayed over the users
  • Strengthening of the nervous system
  • Herbal tea well take care of immune system
  • Providing antioxidants to the body
  • Energy levels are taken to new levels
  • Intellect is well improved by Brahmi herbal memory enhancer
  • Brahmi herbal tea is an adaptogenic.
  • Brahmi herbal tea checks Hair Loss problem and dandruff
  • Brahmi herbal supplement is a cooling agent and brain relaxant
Mental Problems
Mental problems in humans can be well taken care in humans with the consumption of Brahmi tea. In addition to this, humans' concentration and elevation in the memory power along with retention capacity can be considerably brought with this memory elevation tea. Brahmi oils are smeared over individuals for elevating the power and memory. Mental imbalances, emotional disturbances, stress, headaches and also the oil is smeared to cure geriatric mental problems such as amnesia and Alzheimer's. Brahmi vati, is a vital Ayurvedic tonic integrating brahmi and jatamansi (muskroot), serpagandha (rauwolfia). Anxiety and stress are aptly checked.

Active Ingredients
Terminalia Arjuna, Bacopa monnieri (Brahami) , convolvulus, Foeniculum Vulgare, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Breyn, Myrtus caryophyllus Spreng, Elettaria cardamomum, REDSAUNDERS, Cyprus rotundus, Tephrosia Purpurea, Agya grass

Making Herbal Tea
Fresh and cold water should be used to brew the herbal tea. One should avoid using aluminium cookware which can really bring huge difference to the taste. Also make use of strainer to filter out the herbs and leaves from the drink..

One heaped teaspoon of herbs for every cup of boiled water. The herbs should be boiled for ten minutes. Taste of the tea can be spoiled if one add more than the desired quantity of herbs. Addition of honey or lemon can enhance the taste of the tea.
Herbal memory improver – This one is well know natural blend of powerful Indian Herbs. People are using these herbs from centuries which can really enhance the circulation of the brain cells which are capable of enhancing memory power. Some of prominent features of using Badampak- Brain tonics are :
* The Natural ingredients integrated in the brain tonic / memory enhancer is responsible for blood circulation. Brain cells become highly active and become capable of memory retention.
* The all natural brain tonic / memory improver make brain cells active leading to elevation of memory in different ages which result in elevation of learning recall and retention, increase in concentration, mental alertness and clarity, stress and tension levels can be brought down to considerable level.
* Composition of herbs in the brain tonic enhance the passage in nerve impulses, damaged neurons also get repaired . Badam Pak – Herbal memory improver is good way to make circulation of blood proper. This one is also responsible of transmitting apt amount of oxygen needed by the brain.

Brain Tonic / Badam Pak

Ingredients Dosage Question and Answers
Brain Tonic / Badam Pak
Intake of Badam Pak excretes serotonin, which is neuro transmitter and also responsible for improving the intellect.
  • Badam (Almond) nurtures from pharmaco dynamic action of copper, iron, phosphorus and vitamin B. Synergic actions are exerted which means enhanced energy levels also fabrication of new blood cells and also hemoglobin. Brain, nerves, bones, heart and liver can function in amazing way. This Brain tonic maintains the vitality of the body and also build up the muscles.
  • Chronic constipation can be effectively checked by the consumption.
  • This memory power improver is highly beneficial in case of lack of sexual enthusiasm which i lead to nervous debility and brain weakness. Regular use of Brain tonic will strengthen sexual power.
  • Besides strengthening brain, This herbal supplement for improving memory is also useful in bronchial diseases, hoarseness and tickling cough.
  • This Herbal supplement for Memory enhancement and Re-call is a rich source of vitamin E (especially alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E that is most efficiently used by the human body) containing 24 mg per 100 gm.
  • This all natural memory improvement supplement is very rich in monounsaturated fat, one of the two ‘good’ fats responsible for lowering LDL(low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and elevating HDL(high density lipoprotein). A controlled trial showed that 50-100 g of badam pak in the daily diet reduced LDL cholesterol by as much as 9.4 % and increase HDL cholesterol by 4.6%
  • The folic acid present in all natural supplement for brain enhancement / memory improvement is believed to help in lowering the levels of homocystein (the amino acid that is thought to contribute to the build of fatty plaques in arteries. Intake of Badam pak also improves skin complexion, removes skin dryness and the scaling of skin.
  • Being a Brain tonic and memory improvement tonic it is a good supplement for hair growth.
  • This herbal preparation for memory enhancement also improves movement of the food through the gut. Rich of fibrous ingredients which is good for digestion and also prevents peptic ulcers and colonic cancer.
  • This improve memory supplement also works as demulcent which will quench your thirst and relieve your irritation at the mucous surfaces.
  • Besides memory improvement it also provides weight loss. As per Latest research the active ingredient of this natural improve memory supplement- a moderate fat almond contains diet results in greater satiety and sustained weight loss as compared to a low fat diet containing the same amount of daily calories. Badam pak works as energy booster.
  • This Improve memory supplement is very beneficial in combating life style diseases as obesity and other cardiovascular diseases and can be taken daily throughout the year
  • This all natural Brain tonic is also considered as a nutritive for brain and nervous system. it is also said to induce high intellectual level and longevity. It also boosts up the immunity.
  • This improve memory supplement basically pacifies vata thus can be given to patients suffering from vata disorders as joints pain, Alzheimer’s disease etc.
  • Being a memory improver and relaxant it also helps to get rid of various mental disorders which are basically stress related along with some other ayurvedic herbal remedies.
Badam, Ghrit, Mishri, Jaiphal, Javitri, Trikatu, Dalchini, Tejpatra, Ela, Vidarikand, Kawanch Beej, Safed Musli, Salam Misri, Tavkshiri, etc.

3-5 Gms Twice daily with Milk/ or as convenient

Question & Answers
Que : How to Improve memory?
Regular use of Brahmi Herbal tea and Badam pak not only improves memory but also brain power, immunity, nervous system, muscular system and overall health.

Que :What is Brahmi Herbal Tea and how it could improve memory?
Brahmi herbal tea is a complex of various natural herbs that directly improves memory power. The main ingredient Brahmi Latin name Bacopa monnieri is scientifically proven herb for its memory improvement properties and is used from ancient time.

Que : What is Badam Pak Brain Tonic and How it could Improve memory and Brain power?
Badam Pak is another natural remedy used as a Brain tonic to improve memory. It is a complex of various natural herbs including Almonds and as we all are aware that almonds are natural rich source of vitamin E (especially alpha-tocopherol form of vitamin E), Iron, Phosphorus, Magnesium and essential fatty acids hence they play a vital role in memory loss or memory improvement.

Que : Does Brahmi Herbal Tea & Badam improve memory?
Yes, Definitely – The active ingredients of Brahmi Tea and Badam Pak are used from centuries for Memory improvement.  

Que : Can I Use Both Brahmi Herbal Tea & Badam Pak to improve my memory?
Yes, You can use both together to Improve your memory.

Que :How can I improve my memory of things that happened days and months ago?
Regular use of Brahmi Herbal tea and Badam Pak brain tonic activates brain cells to improve memory in different ages to enhance learning recall and retention, improves concentration, mental alertness, mental clarity, reduce stress and tension

Q: I am having problems at work because I can't remember things that happened days and months ago, specifics on customers, time it took to accomplish tasks, it's like as soon as it isn't relevant my brain dumps the information. It's become a problem and I am constantly apologizing for my "bad" memory. I'm 23 years old, I shouldn't have this bad of a memory! Are there exercises, supplements or other remedies that are proven to improve memory?
Instead of your regular tea or coffee start using Brahmi Herbal tea and use Badam Pak brain tonic atleast twice a day with milk or as convenient and with in 1 to 2 weeks you will feel change in your memory power. By regular use of Brahmi herbal tea and badam pak not only your memory will improve but learning recall and retention, concentration, mental alertness and mental clarity will also increase.

Q: I am about to give a few important exams, and have a lot to read in just a few days. What can I do to improve my memory and concentration?
As mentioned earlier – regular use of Badam Pak and Brahmi herbal tea which is actually not a tea but combination of various herbs having medicinal power to improve memory power are the best source for improving memory with results that are guaranteed.

Regular use of both will improve your memory power, recalling old studied things and also give strength to your brain to concentrate more effectively.

Q: Hi, friends if u have some easy to practice trics and techniques to improve memory power easily and in short duration of time then please tell me.
Any procedure or technique in which we don’t have to do anything extra to that of our daily routine is the best treatment. We drink tea or coffee daily and also eat on our scheduled time for meals. The only thing that you have to do is to replace your ordinary tea with Brahmi herbal tea and Take 3 to 5grams of Badam pak – Brain tonic twice a day and you can notice the difference in just 1 week.

Que : Whats makes Brahmi memory improver different to other products available in the market?
Brahmi is a well Famed herb in natural remedies that has antioxidant properties. It has been reported to reduce oxidation of fats in the bloodstream, which is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

 It has been used for centuries to help benefit epilepsy, memory capacity, increase concentration, and reduce stress-induced anxiety. It is listed as a nootropic, a drug that enhances cognitive ability.

  Another interesting effect is dream recall: on a 225mg extract, taken twice daily, the subject will remember dreams - often starting on the 2nd night. This is not recommended for people with a high stress level, as they might remember both unpleasant dreams and downright nightmares.

 Long-term memory capacity enhancement is especially evident after 4-5 days of consumption of 225mg extract, taken twice daily. After that time, attempts to recall events that occurred many years ago will be immediately successful, and very vivid. This might not be noticeable until such a recall attempt is made. The effect lasts about a week after consumption has stopped.

 More rare, and requiring longer periods of consumption of the above dosage, are memory flashes of entire periods of time in the space of a few seconds (e.g. recalling the entire past year at once). There is anecdotal evidence of this happening on day 11 of consumption.

Que : Can a chid use Brahmi Herbal Tea and Badam Pak?
Brahmi herbal tea is a powerful memory improver. having direct stimulating effect on nervous system. It keeps brain active and increases memory, concentration and grasping power. It can be used even in infants and babies and is completely safe. Similarly Badam Pak is also very useful herbal Brain tonic for improving memory which is being used from ancient times in the treatment of various diseases of all age groups and also improving memory, immunity, strength, etc. It is very useful for both, body and mind. It helps in revitalizing the body, relieves stress, anxiety, palpitation, hypertension and general body weakness. These are completely safe, natural remedies and can be used safely in children, females and adults. So you can start these memory enhancers in children without any second thought.

Que :I read that Brahmi herbal tea can be used for treatment of ADHD. but how should it be used?
When you are making your herbal tea, use fresh, cold water. Do not use aluminium cookware as it can affect the taste. Use glass, cast iron, or stainless steel where possible. A tea strainer is very helpful as it lets you create your own blends of teas or herbs, and stops the leaves and flowers from escaping into the drink.

Once the water has boiled, add one heaped teaspoon of herbs for every cup of water. Cover and let the herbs steep for ten minutes. Do not over-steep the herbs as the flavour may become too strong and taste more medicinal rather than pleasant. 

Que: Please suggest me about how much Brahmi herbal tea and Badam Pak should be given to 1.5 year old baby? Is it safe to give brahmi herbal tea and Badam Pak to a baby of this age.
Brahmi herbal tea and Badam Pak are safe herbal supplements used as brain tonic and memory enhancer and health boosters from ancient times. Brahmi the active ingredient of Brahmi herbal tea is a herb having direct stimulating effect on nervous system. It keeps brain active and increases memory, concentration and grasping power whereas Badam Pak – having Almond as main active ingredient helps in revitalizing the body, relieving stress, anxiety and relaxing brain cells. These are completely safe for all age groups. In small babies of one and half years of age, only one gram of Badam Pak mixture mixed with milk is sufficient where as 1 tea spoon Brahmi herbal tea is enough.

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